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Free Shipping Within the USA & Canada For All Orders Over $70
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• Alleviate indigestion
• Relieve stomach gas bloating after eating
• Enhance digestive enzymes release
• Powerful blend of 14 herbs, enzymes, vitamins & prebiotics
• Synergistic use in a detoxification therapy

Packaging: 60-capsule bottle

Best Natrual Remedy for Upset Stomach that Helps Relieve, Treat & Cure Symptoms of Heartburn, Acid Indigestion, Bloating, Gas Pain or other Digestion Problems.

Relieve Many Symptoms of Heartburn & Indigestion Naturally

DigestiveMAX is a best herbal remedy for upset stomach that helps relieve many symptoms of heartburn.  This natural vitamin supplement also help to alleviate gas pain in the intestines, acid indigestion, excess bloating, and other digestion problems.

Stop Reaching for Mylanta, Tums, or Antacids.
Get Immediate Natural Soothing Relief Today!

DigestiveMAX helps accelerate the cleansing activities in the digestive system by featuring a balance & synergistic approach of natural herbs for indigestion treatment & stomach pain. This OTC digestive aid also contains a blend of complementary vitamins, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to help slow digestion, reduce intestinal gas bloating, and alleviate upset stomach pain after meals or after eating.

BEST & ADVANCED Supplement for Digestive Health
Say Goodbye to Upset Stomach Pain & Bloating!

  • Formulated based on strict guidelines by a licensed pharmacist
  • Powerful blend of 14 well-researched & clinically substantiated herbs, special digestive enzymes, prebiotics, vitamins/minerals/amino acids, and nutrients to promote healthy  GI functions.
  • Safely taken without the side effects or interactions with other medications
  • Available without prescription
  • Manufactured in the USA under strict quality control of a FDA registered facility
  • Our production methods result in the highest quality product which has a proven history of working very quickly.

Digestive Problems are the Third largest
Category of Illness in the USA!

Do not waste your money on other natural indigestion remedies or stomach inflammation treatment that have minimal effectiveness.  This advanced natural digestion medicine and vitamin is GURANTEED to provide fast & natural cure for stomach inflammation, excessive gas bloating, or upset stomach pain.  If not satisfied, simply return the bottle and get YOUR MONEY BACK!

How Does It Work?
The best combination of Nature & Science!
Replace the chemical over-the-counter digestive aid with an

 ALL NATURAL formula

DigestiveMAX is the only all natural Triple Solution Digest Formula in the market! It offers a safe and quick relief of intestinal or excess stomach gas bloating.  It's also an effective and healthy herbal cure for bloating, indigestion, belching, and heart burn.

  • Soothe and enhance digestive system & GI tracks with best-studied & potent carminatives natural herbs
  • Break down foods to nourish the body, increase nutrient digestion and maximize absorption with 3 different top quality digestive enzymes.  It helps ease stomach and intestinal discomfort, relieve acid indigestion, bloating, flatulence, and belching.  Enzymes also play a role in delivering vital nutrients to the body's cells.
  • Accelerate colon cleansing activities by promoting digestive bacteria growth and gut flora in the intestine with prebiotics FOS & Vitamin B Complex.  A healthy population of these good bacteria in the digestive tract would enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients, promote detoxification & elimination processes, and help boost the immune system.

What is Carminative?

Carminative is a group of herbs that are known to be effective natural herbal digestion aids.  They increase the secretion of stomach acids that help slow digestion, stimulate the release of digestive enzymes, and heal the stomach & gastrointestinal lining. By relaxing the linings of the stomach and small intestine, it is easier for gas to escape thus avoids bloating, belching, or flatulence.  Some carminatives act as cholagogues that promote the flow of bile from the gall bladder thus helping fat digestion and absorption.  DigestiveMAX contains 3 powerful carminative herbs.

What More Can DigestiveMAX Offer?

The best just wasn't good enough!  We always wanted an absolute best and has taken our quality product to the Next Level. DigestiveMAX contains more powerful natural digestive nutrients than others.

  • Most supplements for digestion contain two or three common digestive herbs such as Ginger and Peppermint, DigestiveMAX added six (6) powerful active nutrients & herbs for stomach pain / indigestion / heart burn / acid reflux such as Artichoke, Chammomile, and Fennel. 
  • Furthermore, DigestiveMAX includes three (3) different enzymes such as Pancreatine enzymes,  pineapple Bromelain enzyme, and digestive enzyme Papain (from papaya) that are synergistically working together with the above herbs to quickly provide the viable herbal solution, treatment, and natural healing for indigestion, bloating, gas, belching, acid reflux, stomach pain, and heart burn.
  • Lastly, we also include Prebiotics FOS and the B Vitamin complex (B1, B2, B3, & B6 ).  These nutrients  are necessary for proper absorptions of nutrients and formation of red blood cells.

What What Makes our Ingredients So Great?

We source only top quality vitamins and ingredients and they are certified by our laboratory for safety and potency before entering our production line.  Furthermore, some of this complex's natural foods, nutrients & herbs are manufactured and extracted to provide at least 4 to 20 times higher potency than regular herbs Therefore, this proprietary complex has a proven history of providing desired results and benefits quickly, effectively and efficiently

Safe & Proven Natural Supplement

This herbal prostate help contains all-natural ingredients that are researched and scientifically tested to be safe and effective. It's available without a prescription and there are minimal reports of sides effects.

Cures for Bloating & Indigestion

  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is one of the best-studied carminatives. Peppermint is recommended by the German E Commission for indigestion, and helps to reduce spasms in the upper intestines, alleviate inflammation of the stomach, and stimulate bile flow

  • Ginger (Zingiber offcinale) has a long history of use as a digestive stimulant, upset stomach inflamation relief & natural cures for acid reflux. Ginger has no side effects and has the ability to provide aid for digestion, nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness & vomiting. Ginger has been shown in some studies to enhance intestinal lipase activity (helping to break down fats) as well as that of the enzymes sucrose and maltase. The German Commission E states 'no adverse effects' in its ginger monograph. 
  • The B Vitamins are necessary for healthy digestion, proper absorptions of nutrients, and formation of red blood cells.

Digestive Disorder Statistic

Digestive ailments & disorders are on the rise the US as a result of unhealthy eating habit of low-fiber, high-fat diet. 

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2003, there were 37.4 million and 15.2 million visits to doctors and emergency departments respectively for digestive problems.
  • More than 61 million or 44% of adult Americans suffer heartburn at least once monthly
  • 13% of adult Americans reported taking antacids two or more times per week
  • As many as 7% of adult Americans have daily occurrence of heart burn

Effective & Advanced ingredients that take
DigestiveMAX to the Next Level

German Commission E has approved Artichoke as an alternative treatment for  indigestion.  Clinical research has shown that Artichoke helps to increase the structure and bile flow from & to the liver.  Many digestive problems occurred when a decrease of bile flow is experienced. This includes bloating after meals, elimination difficulties (constipation), diarrhea, absorption difficulties of fat, and flatulence.

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!
The best combination of Nature & Science!

In a clinical research, Artichoke was administered to 553 patients with various digestive problems such as gas, stomach bloating & inflammation), gall bladder issue, and constipation
  • In 6-week treatment, the above digestive problems decreased an average of 70.5%


indigestion symptoms,best herbal digestive aids,natural remedies acid indigestion

Artichoke extract is also helpful in patients experiencing from gas & abdominal bloating, constipation and nausea,

  • 65% to 72% of patients experienced of improvement after 1 week &  80% to 92% after six weeks.

Potent & Quality Ingredients
Top quality & well-researched natural ingredients

Chamomile (Matricaia scolymus) is used widely as a acid indigestion and acid reflux natural remedy, especially in Europe. It is carminative, meaning it soothes the gut wall and ease the stomach pain. It's an effective bloating gas remedy that expels trapped gas in the stomach and intestines. Chamomile�s bitter stimulation promotes a secretory response that helps digestion. According to David L. Hoffman, M.N.I.M.H, in an article on peptic ulceration appearing on Health World Online, chamomile's anti-inflammatory, natural healing property of stomach and gut lining, and anti-microbial action are helpful in increasing in blood flow to the digestion system

Powerful Natural Digestive Enzymes
Break down foods properly to help you eat more easily!

As we age, our digestive systems become less efficient, causing indigestion and other stomach discomfort.  Furthermore, when your stomach is loaded with acid food, it is unable to digest food in a reasonable time. It lacks enough digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid to process heavy loads of food. Over time digestive enzyme production becomes depleted and you become limited in the response to digest food.  In addition, while foods in their raw state contain enzymes for digestion, but heating and processing break down those enzymes, forcing the gut, again, to use more of its endogenous supply to digest food.  Enzymes assist digestion by breaking food into its simplest form to nourish the body.

Promote Healthy Digestive Function
with a comprehensive internal cleansing system that includes

Natural Formula for Liver Cleanse & Detox
Effective Colon Cleansing and Flush

Plant-Source Pancreatine Enzymes help to breakdown fats, proteins and carbohydrates (starch) into smaller particles, thereby increasing efficient food digestion. Besides maintaining digestive health, enzymes also allow individuals to maximize nutrient intake by efficiently absorb vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  If pain occurs in the upper part of your stomach that gets worse after eating fatty foods, the cause maybe from deficiency of bile to digest fats.  Digestive enzymes can help to stimulate bile flow.

Pancreatine enzymes in the digestive system are a combination of protease, amylase, and lipase that help break down protein, starch, and fats. Digestive enzyme protease, secreted by the pancreas, function in digestion system by breaking down or hydrolyzing protein molecules into amino acids. Incomplete digestion of proteins creates a number of problems for the body including the development of allergies and formation of toxic substances. Amylase enzymes break down starch molecules (carbohydrates) into smaller sugars.  Amylases is secreted by the salivary glands as well as the pancreas. Lipase, along with bile, breaks down lipids (fats) into essential fatty acids. Deficiency of lipase results in mal-absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

  • In a study of supplemental enzymes, healthy subjects were given cookies with lipase enzyme or placebo.  Those in treatment group experienced significantly less bloating, gas and fullness throughout the day compared to placebo.

Order your DigestiveMAX Without Risk Today!
Promote Healthy Digestion Naturally

Furthermore, as you get older, your stomach weakens in its ability to produce hydrochloric acid to digest protein. It is undigested protein that leads to acid reflux or heartburn. The plant enzymes of Bromelain founded in pineapple help digesting protein. Pineapples' bromelain support digestion, reduce inflammation, and help relieve the burning sensation or symptoms of heart burn, acid reflux or acid ingestion.  Digestive enzyme papaya, which contains proteinase Papain, are also excellent for protein digestion.  Both enzymes are best remedies & effective temporary natural treatments for heart burn and bloating gas. They help support a healthy digestion system & reduce digestive problems.  They are also particular effective in lowering intestinal inflammation, as they become active in high temperature associated with the inflammatory response. 

Enzymes also play a role in delivering vital nutrients of the cells of the body.  When supplemental enzymes are taken with a meal the body will actually manufacture less digestive enzymes and less work for the digestive system.  People will often feel better, experience more energy and less digestive distress.  Furthermore, enzymes are also playing a preventive role as taking them before a meal can prevent those digestive discomforts associated with eating too much, too fast, or eating "wrong" food.

The benefits of Prebiotics

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is an insoluble beneficial fiber.  It supports the expansion of beneficial bacteria in the intestines that form the structure of the Gastointestinal (GI) tract.  Prebiotic FOS are indigestible but not for the bacteria in the gut.  In the colon, FOS helps increase & feed the beneficial probiotic bacteria such as Bifidobacteria or Lactobacilli while lowering the family of toxic bacteria.  The increase in "good" colon bacteria helps improve the immune system, maintain normal range of cholesterol levels, enhance healthy digestive system (nutrient absorption & detoxification), and even fight cancer. .

In a review by the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, researcher founded that shorter chain FOS is beneficial for good digestive bacterial growth.  An Austrian animal study also indicated that FOS has immunomodulatory effects that may increase the body's resistance to microbial infection.  Furthermore, a research on rats found intake of FOS greatly lower the inflammation of the intestines by increasing the numbers of lactic acid bacteria.  Colitis causes inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the large intestines.

Prebiotics FOS has been shown to prevent the symptoms IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), improve bowel function by increasing stool frequency and stool weight, and reduce the risk of certain disease such as colon cancer.  FOS also suppresses the harmful microorganisms in the intestine and improves elimination of toxic compound in the colon.

Ultimate Three-Step
Comprehensive Internal Cleansing System
Complete Healing From the Inside

Natural Formula for Liver Cleanse & Detox
Advanced DigestiveMAX Health
Colon Cleansing & Flush

  • Natural Formula for Liver helps promote and maintain healthy liver functions that will Detoxify blood impurities & metabolic wastes, Metabolize carbohydrates, fat, and protein, Absorb & store fat soluble vitamins from foods, Regulate blood sugar.  Convert excess glucose into glycogen (body's main energy source), Secrete bile stored in the gallbladder to digest fats, and Breakdown body hormone.   It's best herbal remedy and natural medicine for upset liver, liver pain relief & liver disorder against alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease
  • Advanced DigestiveMAX is a best herbal remedy and an effective natural digestive aid formula for intestinal gas pain, excess bloating, upset stomach pain, indigestion, belching & flatulence.  It 's also one of the best a temporary natural remedies for acid reflux (acid indigestion) & heart burn.
  • ColonACH is a best natural colon cleansing therapy that promotes and maintain healthy colonic functions that Detoxify toxic waste and colon parasites in the intestinal tract, Promote healthy elimination and help relieve severe constipation, Increase healthy colon cells and tissues against cancer, Enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients, Boost the body immune system, and Reduce gas bloating in the intestines and bloating.  ColonACH contains 2 different dietary fiber to help ensure the proper passage of food and waste through the digestive tract and the elimination of waste from the body.

Causes & Symptoms
Indigestion / Bloating / Gas / Flatulence / Belching / Acid Reflux / GERD

  • Indigestion resulted from overeating, eating the wrong choice of foods, stress, or combination.  If pain occurs in the upper part of your stomach that gets worse after eating fatty foods, the cause maybe from deficiency of bile to digest fats.
  • Bloating -  Gas buildup in the stomach and intestines.  Gas is usually not a sign of serious illness & is a normal bodily function.  Abdominal pain (mild and dull or sharp and intense) is a common symptom.  Bloating can be caused by eating fatty foods, eating too fast, poor food selection, stress or anxiety, or growth of  intestinal yeast. 
  • Flatulence occurs when when a food does not break down completely in the stomach and small intestine.  As a result, the food makes it into the large intestine in undigested state.  Gas such as methane, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide (odor) are built-up in the colon because of the fermentation of these undigested foods in the colon, or occurrence of food residues in the colon.  Therefore, when the intestines have difficulty breaking down certain component in foods, flatulence can be formed. 
  • Belching is your body's way of expelling excess air from the stomach as a result of swallowing excess air from eating or drinking too fast, from talking while eating or drinking carbonated beverage. Acid reflux can cause stomach acid backs up into the esophagus and makes you swallow repeatedly to clear the material.  This can lead to swallowing more air and further belching
  • Acid Reflux, acid indigestion, or heartburn occurs where the contents of the stomach (including powerful stomach acid) escapes a failed valve and comes in contact with the lining of the esophagus (the tube near throat area that carries food from your mouth to your stomach).  It often described as "burning" sensation or feeling.  Excess stomach acid can be caused by stress/anxiety, heavy smoking, alcohol use, caffeine, improper diet in high processed food, spicy or greasy foods, caffeine, or infection by pylori bacteria.  When your stomach is overwhelmed with food, it's impossible for the stomach to properly digest quickly and naturally. This causes excess secretions of more acid in an attempt to dissolve this food.  In fact heartburn has nothing to do with the heart - it is a digestive problem.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic condition where ongoing symptoms, like heartburn occurs two or more times a week, or damage to the esophagus because of continual acid reflux.  It is suggested that you consult your doctor for a professional consultation. Acid Reflux that's left untreated can lead to more serious medical problems.

Tips for Digestive Health

Heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain, acid reflux, gas, and bloating - are all symptoms which we experience from time to time.  Heartburn symptoms of acid reflux disease often occur after meals. Symptoms can be greatly relieved or prevented by lifestyle and dietary changes as well as the use of natural nutrients and herbs known to promote healthy digestion & GI tracks natural healing.

1/ Promote healthy digestion & enhance GI tracks with effective vitamins, herbs, and supplements

  • Powerful digestive enzymes
  • Effective Prebiotics or probiotics
  • Best-studied carminative herbs

2/ Dietary change may include avoiding certain high fat foods that cause acid reflux and trigger heartburn symptoms more than others.

  • Citrus fruits, chocolate, fatty and fried foods, garlic and onions, tomato-based foods such as spaghetti sauce, chili and pizza, spicy or fatty foods.
  • Acidic foods & drinks with caffeine such as coffee, tea or carbonated beverages
  • Alcohol, spearmint, & peppermint that will relax the low esopheal shincter
  • When you feel the burning sensation starts, drink an apple cider vinegar/water mixture, eat a banana, or eat half a cup of pineapple or drink the juice.  Pineapple contains digestive enzymes Bromelain.

To prevent gas, bloating, belching, & flatulence:

  • Avoid foods such as beans, peas, lentils , cabbage, onions, cauliflower, bananas, and carbonated drinks.
  • Eat less fatty foods since fat slows digestion.
  • Temporarily cut back on high-fiber foods

3/ Lifestyle change may include

  • Do not overeating since it causes stomach expansion and the relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter valve that promote acid reflux or GERD
  • Watch your eating habits by taking time to eat, chew your food slowly, and relax while you eat
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid drinking large amount of liquids at meals unless you are on a weight-loss diet, since liquid dilutes your acids and enzymes.
  • Eat light at night
  • Do not eat before lying down.  Food needs few hours to digest properly
  • Do not eat before exercises since it increases the tendency to get acid reflux
  • Light activity after eating such as walking.

Do Not Wait!
Order your 30-Day RISK-FREE TRIAL of this best
Natural Herbal Digestive Aids & Acid Reflux Remedy


Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement for adults. Take one to two capsules before meal.


  1. Ginger can be used to treat dyspepsia, nausea, and vomiting associated with pregnancy, vertigo, dizziness, and motion sickness in addition to its digestive and antinausea actions (Schmid et al., 1994; Visalyaputra et al., 1998
  2. Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements, Michael T. Murray, N.D., Prima Health (A Division of Prima Publishing), 1996

No Questions Asked
100% money-back Guarantee!

 We are certain that this high quality & potent formula will provide the desired results.  If you are not satisfied, just return the empty or unused bottle within 30 days we will quickly refund the purchased price with no questions asked (excluding shipping/handling)


Best Natural Herbal Product for Upset Stomach, Acid Indigestion, and Bloating

No Questions Asked 100% money-back Guarantee!
High Quality - Low Price
Free Shipping Within the USA & Canada For All Orders Over $70
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