Anti-Aging & Anti-Oxidant

Packaging: 90-capsule bottle

• Super Foods with Green Vegetables + Berry Fruits + Herbs
• Enhance auto immune system
• High anti-aging & antioxidant benefits
• Against free radicals that caused cancer, diseases, and illness


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Free Shipping Within the USA & Canada For All Orders Over $70
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One capsule provides:
Vitamin C.........................30 mg
Vitamin E..........................10 IU
Selenium.........................70 mcg
Green Blend....................200 mg
   Spinach, Barley Grass, Broccoli Extracts,
   Cabbage Extracts
Herbal Immune Blend.........185 mg
   Green Tea Extracts, Flaxseed Extracts,
   Cordicept Extracts, Grape Skin Extracts,
   Garlic, Lycopene
Berry Fruit Blend..................115 mg.
   Blueberry Extracts, Bilberry Extracts,
   Raspberry Extracts. Cranberry Extracts,
   Elderberry Extracts

Best Supplements for Healthy Immune System
High Antioxidant Benefits & Top Immune System Booster
Green Vegetables, Berry Fruits & Herbs

AbsoGreens is one of the best super one foods that offer many viable herbal solutions for aging and illness. It's the hottest alternative health care that provides the best foods high in antioxidant benefits and the best herbs that boost the immune system.  It helps to fend off free radicals that caused aging, cancer, diseases, ailments, sickness, and against toxins from environmental pollution.

This extraordinary and top super foods for health provides the recommended green foods, cruciferous vegetables, high antioxidant herbs, fruit, and tea. Researches have shown that some these valuable nutrients may have the benefits to be one of the potential natural cancer cures.

10 Reasons to Take AbsoGreens

  1. The only product that combines high antioxidant herbs & anti aging vitamins.
  2. Protect Cells & Boost the Body's Antimicrobials &  Anti-inflammatory Activities
  3. Strengthen, Improve, Enhance, and Boost Auto Immune System
  4. Scavenger Free Radicals that Caused Ailments & Illness
  5. Help Reduce Risk of Cancer
  6. Boost Energy, Stamina, & Endurance
  7. Increase Mental Clarity & Focus
  8. Maintain Prostate Health
  9. Maintain Healthy Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Level
  10. Strengthen Memory

Do not waste your money on any other immune system supplement or immune system booster with minimal effectiveness.  AbsoGreens with high antioxidant benefits (ORAC values) from Green Vegetables, Berry Fruit & Herbs is guaranteed to provide the best result or you get your money back!  It's one of the best alternative health care that may help boost & strengthen your immune system.

Product Information:

AbsoGreens, a beneficial supplement for auto immune diseases, is formulated with the purest and most potent ingredients. The product contains both eastern and western medicinal ingredients and is manufactured under FDA registered and approved facilities in the United States. Our formula offers top quality standardized extracts or concentrated extracts of healthy vegetables, high antioxidant fruits and herbs to ensure that consumers receive consistent and potent benefits from the herbs' active compounds, while retaining all the tradition whole-part characteristics from other complementary herbs.

Best Anti Aging / Antioxidant Dietary Supplement

  • Formulated with care by a pharmacist
  • Strengthening and boosting the immune system naturally
  • Powerful and synergistic blend of 18 well-researched anti aging vitamins (3), healthy green vegetables (4), best antioxidant berry fruits (5), and high anti oxidant herbs (6)
  • Safe & Effective without the side effects
  • Purchased without doctor prescription
  • Made in FDA registered facilities with strict quality control

Potent & Quality Ingredients
Top quality & well-researched natural ingredients!

All of our vitamins and natural ingredients are top quality and certified by our laboratory for safety and potency.  Furthermore, all the herbs in our products are going through a special extraction manufacturing process to deliver at least 4 to 20 times higher potency than ordinary herbs' normal strength.  But there are more!  Some of our ingredients are further processed to contain the only standardized Active nutrient that makes the herb more powerful.  Green Tea is an example of a potent standardized herb that contains a minimum of 50% polyphenols, the active nutrient that gives Green Tea its great effectiveness.

Consequently, this top super food for health has a proven history of working very quickly and is one of the best multi vitamins to enhance, strengthen, and boost your auto immune system.

ORAC Comparison Supplements

There are six classes of free radicals that linked to ailments or illnesses like heart disease and cancer.  These classes of free radicals are referred to as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).  What does ORAC stand for? ORAC is the abbreviation of Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity assay. It was developed in 1992 at the National Institutes of Aging, measures the capabilities of antioxidants against free radicals by measuring how much a particular food / herb inhibits the activity of free radicals.  The higher the ORAC number, the more antioxidant benefits of the vegetables & fruit.

The test has now been adopted by USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging and is used extensively in scientific research.  ORAC antioxidant capacity measures are estimated by Ferric Reducing Power and are expressed as micromole Trolox Equivalent (TE) per 100 grams or 3.53 ounces.  Below are the values of top ORAC foods, fruits, and vegetables:

  1. Blueberry - ORAC 2,400
  2. Blackberry - ORAC 2,036
  3. Cranberry - ORAC 1,750
  4. Raspberry - ORAC 1,220
  5. Spinach - ORAC 909
  6. Broccoli - ORAC 890
  7. Grapes, Red - ORAC 739
  8. Red Bell Pepper - ORAC 713
  9. Carrots - ORAC 207
  10. Tomato - ORAC 189


Spinach is loaded with iron and folate that not only prevents neural-tube defects in babies but also lowers blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that irritates blood vessels and is linked to heart disease. Spinach, with an ORAC value of 909, contains two phytochemicals lutein and zeaxanthin that seem to ward off macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness. Broccoli is a potential natural cancer cure that contains rich source of beta-carotene, fiber and vitamin C. It contains a fistful of phytochemicals including sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol that may detoxify cancer-causing substances before they have a chance to cause harm. A number of studies have linked regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli to a reduced risk of breast, colon and stomach cancer. Broccoli has an ORAC value of 890 and could be one of the best natural cancer remedies. Barley Grass is unusually rich in chlorophyll (the green pigment that gives plants their colors). Barley Grass contains high concentrations of several vitamins, including vitamins A, B complex (including B12 and folic acid), C and E. Preliminary researches suggest that barley grass may help boost energy, fight cancer (Rutger Univervisty in New Brunswick, NJ), stimulate tissue repair, prevent coronary artery disease (studies in recent discovered antioxidant flavonoid 2"-o-glycosylisovitexin), increase anti-inflammatory properties (1998 Japanese Study in Alimentary Pharmacological Therapy).

  • Increased consumption of cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli & cauliflower, correlate to decreased risk of prostate cancer, especially extraprostatic (statge 3 & 4) prostate cancer. (J Nat Cancer Inst; 2007.99(15): 1200-1209)

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Supplements for Healthy Immune System against Free Radicals

Berry Fruit ANTIAGING Blend:

Blueberries, a strong immune system booster, that contain more antioxidants (Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity - ORAC) and anti-angiogenic than any other antioxidant fruit or vegetables. Blueberries contain health-promoting compounds in anthocyanins, a bio-active phytochemicals that belongs to the flavonoid family.

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Besides combating the free-radical damage linked to heart disease and cancer, anthocyanins may boost brain power at least in rats' studies and one of the potent natural cancer cures. Blueberry antioxidant seems to fight off urinary-tract infections by preventing E. coli bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall.  It's a best antioxidant fruit with an ORAC value of 2400 that may help boosting immune system. Bilberry supplements protect the retina and its blood supply, preventing and improving vision disorders, such as macular degeneration. Bilberry's anthocyanins may improve eyesight in a 1964 French Study. For several hours after supplementations, the patients' eyesight improved significantly, although the effect wore off within 24 hours. Bilberry, traditionally used for ulcers, may increase the production of stomach mucus and protect the stomach from injury. In an Italian study, 10 men took anthocyanins for 10 days. This increase their gastric juice secretion and mucus, while stomach acid production remained constant.

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!
The best combination of Nature & Science!

Elderberry has an ORAC value of 240 and been researched as an immune system supplement and flu fighter in Israel. In the mid 1980's, an Israeli Doctor named Mumcuoglo discovered that Elderberry extract's active ingredients disarm the "spikes" on the flu virus which normally enable it to penetrate healthy cells, permitting the spread of the diseases. Follow-up blood tests showed a higher level of influenza antibodies, which would suggest that this herbal extract actually may help boosting immune system function. Cranberries are naturally rich in phenols and antioxidant compounds proanthocyanidins, which help to prevent disease-causing organisms from causing infection. In 1990s, the New England Journal of Medicine identified a component as proanthocyanidins in cranberries and blueberries that prevented the adhesion of certain E. Coli bacteria in the gut and to fight urinary tract infections.

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Top Supplements for Auto Immune Diseases!

Herbal Immune SYTEM Blend:

Flax Seed, one of the best high antioxidant herbs, contains a mix of beneficial nutrients including fair amounts of fiber and omega 3 antioxidant fatty acids. It also rich in lignans that are considered as one of the emerging new health ingredients. Lignans are phytoestrogens or naturally occurring plant estrogen. Flax Seed's lignans are also exhibiting strongest antioxidant activities. Researches suggest that Flax Seed lignans maybe provide the following potential benefits - Prostate health, Bone health, Breast health & menopause reduction, Heart health, Colon health, Hair Loss, and Acne. Garlic, best known as a potent immune system supplement, contains sulfur-based compounds known as allyl sulfides and other phytochemicals that may protect the heart. Studies show that garlic's sulfides can reduce cholesterol and may make the blood less sticky. Scientists are fairly confident that garlic also has antibacterial and antifungal powers. Cordycepts, one of the better herbs that boost immune system, is a mushroom harvested from the high mountain of Tibet. Cordyceps is considered as a longevity, endurance, rejuvenating and invigorating herb. Cordicept has many high antioxidant benefits and achieved popular when an Olympic Chinese women's team unveiled this mysterious mushroom as one of its training supplements to boost energy and enhance endurance.

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Strengthen Immune System against Free Radicals

Green Tea, an antioxidant herb, is loaded with polyphenols, a class of phytochemicals with 100 times the antioxidant punch of vitamin C. Laboratory experiments suggest that one group of polyphenols in green tea called catechins may inhibit the growth of new blood vessels, which some scientists think may help prevent cancer by depriving early tumors of nourishment. Green Tea is one of the best studied natural cancer remedies. Population studies in China link drinking green tea daily with a lowered risk of stomach, esophageal and liver cancers. Studies from Japan show that consuming 10 cups of green tea a day may reduce the risk of heart disease. Lycopene from tomatoes is one of the better foods high in antioxidants that gives tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables their red color. Lycopene health benefits include mopping up free-radicals that would reduce the risk of prostate cancer and other cancer of digestive tract. In January�s issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, (vol 79, no 1, 47-53) researchers from the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston - USA provide the results showed that those women with the highest amounts of lycopene in their blood had half the risk of cardiovascular disease seen in those with low levels of the carotenoid.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement for adults. Take one capsule with meal, three times daily.

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Best Immune System Supplements!
Top Super Foods for Health with High Antioxidant Herbs!


  1. Jenab M, Thompson LU.  The influence of flaxseed and lignans on colon carcinogenesis and B-glucuronidase activity.  Carcinogenesis 1996: 17(6): 1343-1348
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No Questions Asked
100% money-back Guarantee!

 We are certain that this high quality & potent formula will provide the desired results.  If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the empty bottle or unused portion within 30 days we will promptly refund the purchased price with no questions asked (excluding shipping/handling).


Anti-Aging & Anti-Oxidant
Packaging: 90-capsule bottle

• Super Foods with Green Vegetables + Berry Fruits + Herbs
• Enhance auto immune system
• High anti-aging & antioxidant benefits
• Against free radicals that caused cancer, diseases, and illness

No Questions Asked 100% money-back Guarantee!
High Quality - Low Price
Free Shipping Within the USA & Canada For All Orders Over $70
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