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Women & Menopause. What is the age of menopause? Menopausal signs & symptoms & potential natural treatment.

What Is The Age of Menopause?

What is Menopause?

Menopause is an oft misunderstood term with a typically imprecise definition. Many incorrectly label their symptoms as menopausal when they are, in fact, perimenopausal. Knowing the difference between these terms can erase much of the panic involved in perceiving symptoms as scarlet flags that signal the end of youth. Menopause is given an official diagnosis when a year has passed sans menstruation. The word itself literally means cessation of menses. This signals that the body's reproductive capacities have shut down. Ova are no longer released, the uterine lining has ceased recreating itself and the fertile stage of female existence has ended. To understand the transition entirely, and look at the age of menopause, it's necessary to understand the entire transitional period.... It also helps to learn about menopause herbal remedies that can provide relief for the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause

Menopausal Symptoms According To The Four Phases

Like its definition, the age of menopause doesn't allow itself to fit into specific time blocks. It is a notoriously disobedient stage, not always complying with the calendar of the majority. The symptoms, on the other hand, are precise in their capacity to inform you about what your hormones are doing. Its first phase, perimenopause, can begin as early as 25 years and as late as 75. Most commonly, though, it happens at 45. The monthly cycle loses its rhythm in response to your body's attempts to make the most of the fertility it has left. This can be a phase that produces the most severe symptoms. Hot flashes are more disturbing than you thought possible; mood swings introduce a seemingly infinite PMS-like struggle and menopause night sweats are intolerable. Ten percent of women don't suffer this fanfare and instead experience an unadorned and abrupt cessation of menses without bodily broadcast. Facets that manipulate this introductory age of menopause include genetic predisposition and ovarian failure due to disease or surgery.

Perimenopause & Premenopause

Confusion abounds about the difference between perimenopause and premenopause. Clinically, though, pre-menopause is defined as the time preceding the final period. At this phase, hormone withdrawal introduces erratic fluctuations. Perimenopause intersects this transition, overtakes menopause and ends prior to post-menopause.

How Long Does Menopause Last?

The body's preferred age of menopause is 51 but early menopause can occur before 40 while tardy transitions are signaled in the late fifties. Lack of menstruation for twelve months foretells the inability to fall pregnant. Immediately thereafter, post-menopause begins. Common banes are vaginal dryness, menopause night sweats and hot flashes. Symptoms may cling on for several years
Menopause & Women. Natural Menopause Relief. Average Age of Menopause
after actual menopause. During this time FSK levels skyrocket. Skin is dry and mood swings are considerably more sufferable. Skin might tingle because of a plummet in hormone levels, which also brings an equivalent plunge in libido. Women can hope to put the entire menopausal process to bed about five years after it begun.

Natural Assets' Formula for Women features many natural nutrients that help reduce many menopausal symptoms. Click here for more information.

Natural Menopause Treatment at All Phases

Some menopausal symptoms make their causes clear and are thus straightforward to treat while others remain a mystery. Many clinical trials solidly suggest the usefulness of soy isoflavones in treating hot flashes. Diminishing libido is given a boost with damiana extract, which performs double duty by pacifying the mood too. Chaste berry has earned hero status as a supportive measure for the endocrine system, helping it regulate hormones. Menopausal symptoms are the result of jumbled hormones, and every symptom is a result of either a deficiency or an overload thereof.

Menopause Herbal Remedies

There are numerous natural herbs for menopause that have been shown to help relieve many signs of menopause such as night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings. These include:
  • Dong Quai (Anelica sinensis)
  • Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa)
  • Chase Tree Berry (Vitex agnus castus)
  • Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)
  • Evening Primrose

Treating a symptom at its cause is the most efficient option. Formula for Women is a proprietary natural menopause formula that bundles all of the above and many more natural nutrients into a single supplement to treat root causes. To turn menopause into a jubilant transition rather than a harrowing one Click here for more information.


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  • Excretion of isoflavonoids in the urine of Japansese women was found much higher than in American and Finnish women. The high intake may partly explain why hot flashes and other menopausal complaints are reduced in Japanese women. (Aldercreutz, Herman and Esa Hamalainen, Dietary Phyto-Estrogens and the Menopause in Japan. The Lancet 339: 1233, May 16, 1992
  • According to translations of original Russian research, Siberian ginseng has the ability to increase our endurance and capacity to work by improving the ability of the liver and adrenals to regulate hormonal levels, dispose of lactic acid, and regulate blood sugar (reported in Farnsworth et al., 1989)
  • Plant estrogens like Red Clover provide a supplementary source of estrogens, which help to softenthe beginning of menopause and lead to fewer short-term problems like hot flashes and fewer long-tem problems such as heart disease and osteoporosis. Brown, Donald, et al. Clinical Application of Natural Medicine: Menopause., monograph (Seattle: Natural Product Research Consultants, 1997
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