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What is Menopause? Menopause Definition & Natural Treatments.

Menopause Definition and Natural Treatment

The Definition of Menopause

Menopause is a process which unfolds over several years, during which a woman's menstrual periods cease occurring each month, signaling the end of the fertile period in a female's life. Once a woman goes through this process, she can no longer become pregnant. It is not a medical condition, but rather, a normal function of aging, and as natural as one season following another.

From a physiological point of view, menopause occurs when a woman's ovaries cease producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Typically, this process begins in a woman's late 40's and early 50's, which imparts to the menopause definition the added characteristic of being an opening of a new phase in life. Yet, while it is a naturally occurring process, it does initiate significant changes in a woman's body, with their own impact on her physical and emotional condition.

Stages of Menopause Process

Women Menopause is not a single event in a woman's life, but a transitional process that takes place over several years, in most instances. The early phase of this process is called perimenopause or pre menopause, which is essentially the period beginning with the onset of menstrual irregularity, and ending with a woman's last period.

During this time a woman's periods can stop for a while, start again, and then stop once more. Perimenopause represents the gradual shutting down of the reproductive functions in the body. The process develops differently in each woman, but there are some general characteristics associated with this phase that nearly all women experience to some extent. Menopause formula. Natural herbs for menopause

Natural Assets' Formula for Women features well researched herbs & nutrients that help reduce the symptoms of menopause night sweats. Click here for more information.

The pre menopause symptoms include:

  • Irregular periods - typically the first indicator of the onset of menopause
  • Lowered fertility - estrogen levels begin to decrease, reducing the changes of becoming pregnant
  • Vaginal dryness - dropping estrogen levels result in a loss of the lubricating factors in the vagina
  • Hot flashes - this is an sudden onset of feeling warm, or hot, in the face and upper body
  • Night sweats - the result of hot flashes during sleep

While these are the primary signs of the onset of menopause, there are others that frequently manifest themselves in many women as well. Moodiness, fat build-up on the stomach, and mild urinary problems can also be part of the picture. Fortunately, there are also a number of effective natural treatments for these menopausal symptoms.

Treating the Symptoms of Menopause

Some women go through menopause without any noticeable symptoms, and others experience only mild affects from the transition. For those who are more seriously affected, the traditional medical approach to treating symptoms has been via menopausal hormone therapy (MHT), which is used to boost declining estrogen and progesterone levels. However, concerns over MHT side effects (which include increased risk of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack) have led many women to seek  alternative menopause herbal remedies and other natural hormone replacement therapy

Menopause Herbal Remedies

Many women find relief of symptoms through the use of phytoestrogen botanicals, which are substances found in plant-based foods that exhibit mild estrogen-like effects. Some of the primary natural menopause treatments are:

Research is still ongoing to determine to effectiveness of other botanicals. Increasingly, some of the best supplements for menopause include products such as Formula for Women, which work to deliver several elements shown to be effective in easing this transition through a trying phase of life.  This proprietary complex features many high-potency herbs along with vitamins, minerals and other time-tested natural nutrients. Click here for more information

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  • Plant estrogens like Red Clover provide a supplementary source of estrogens, which help to softenthe beginning of menopause and lead to fewer short-term problems like hot flashes and fewer long-tem problems such as heart disease and osteoporosis. Brown, Donald, et al. Clinical Application of Natural Medicine: Menopause., monograph (Seattle: Natural Product Research Consultants, 1997
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